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Mr Gentleman organises exclusive parties for you and your guests in London's finest restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

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Exclusive Events in London

Provide your guests with an unforgettable experience

Our passion, is quite simply Restaurants, Bars and exclusive Clubs, this is what we specialise in, and what we aim to connect you with. We have a variety of options, from small concierge requests like a dinner for two or larger groups for that big night out. 

Our other area is events, if you are looking to host an event in a restaurant, bar or club and need assistance, this can be for your personal event or for a company event .

From time to time, we will also host our own events, which you will be able to purchase tickets for.

We also work with various venues, who are looking to attract bookings and events, please do enquire.

Let us plan your showstopper

Provide your guests with an unforgettable experience

Luxury Private Events/Parties

Hosting an event does not always have to be in a large banqueting suite with staff from an agency, why not make an incredible impression and host in some of London’s finest, we are blessed in London to have many wonderful restaurants, bars and clubs, filled with high quality and passionate people.

This could be a stunning Private Dining Room for an intimate dinner, or you may need a venue to host your event with a DJ or live music.

Your needs may be for a personal event, such as a Birthday Party, or for business needs. I want to connect you.

We are resonably priced and work in a transparent manor, for an event please simply fill out the form below with your requirements, let me know what atmosphere, what emotion you require!


Because sometimes it’s not a big event! You know you want to go out for dinner, but where to go!? This is for smaller requests, for your Restaurant, Bar and Club requirements.

Romantic meal or party night, let me know.

To have access to this service we charge a small fee 

£25 for one months access to our Concierge service 

£132 for 6 Months access to our Concierge Service 

£240 for 12 Months access to our Concierge service

6 and 12 Month subscriptions will receive discount on Tickets for any events Mr Gentleman May host in that time. 

Although we specialise in central London, this particular service is not just for the capital!

Requests are for Restaurants, Bars and clubs and hotels.

Fill out the  enquiry form below with the preferred requirement. 

Our own Events 

Look out for Mr Gentleman’s personal events! Ticket information will be listed on this page and our social platforms. Events may include fine dining, wine, whisky and caviar tastings or just a wonderful party with live music and entertainment.

Great for experiencing, sampling, networking or just having a fine evening out to let your hair down.

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We'd love to plan your exclusive party

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